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External ultrasounds

The ultrasounds during the treatment in our center will be carried out solely in our own center.

Some patients however, decide to have ultrasounds performed elsewhere during their treatment. We call these "external ultrasounds".

We have no official partnerships with institutions that perform ultrasounds. This means that you must take care of the planning of such ultrasound monitoring yourselves.

The information obtained from such ultrasounds should of course be interpreted by your doctor in our center. After all, she/he is the doctor responsible for your treatment. This simply cannot be done by the person performing the ultrasound elsewhere; they will in nearly all cases limit themselves to solely performing an ultrasound scan of your uterus and ovary(s). The written results of such external ultrasounds can unfortunately never completely replace an ultrasound that your doctor in our center carries out her-/himself. You are aware of this and therefore accept the possible consequences. In case of reasonable doubt, your doctor will ask you to repeat the ultrasound in our own center or to check it at a later point in time.

No reimbursement of costs for external ultrasounds

In addition, you accept that our center cannot and will not in any way agree to a request (from you, the external sonographer or the center she/he works for) for reimbursement of the costs associated with making such external ultrasounds, costs for consultations or, for example, costs for laboratory tests. You must take care of these costs yourself at all times. Moreover, it is not possible to deduct these costs from any costs in our center. In some centers there is a fee for performing ultrasounds at your own request. Other centers request for a referral that could, for example, be drawn by your GP. However, she/he is by no means obliged to such a request.


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