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You can visit our clinic and do not have to report to the ´Gesundheitsamt´ if you are not planning on staying in Germany for more than 24 hours.
Of course, you must adhere to the general and current Corona measures. If you have typical signs or symptoms, you must seek medical assistance, and inform us you might be Corona positive. We are also happy to receive the results of your Corona test carried out. This may be necessary for later report to the responsible ´Gesundheitsamt´.


There are currently no indications of a different course with regard to the Corona virus (COVID-19) for pregnant women than for non-pregnant women. With regard to patients who have been into contact with Corona-virus infected persons, the decision must be made to discontinue the ongoing stimulation or treatment, in order to not expose our patients, team and staff to increased risks. The decision can be made to stop performing embryo transfers, and to freeze and store your eggs and/or embryo´s. Research data of pregnant patients in the third trimester report mild, flu-like symptoms. Nevertheless, the virus could not be found in any of their new-borns. However, pregnant women remain a risk group with regard to respiratory problems.


About 50% of regular healthcare in Europe has hardly been able to continue in recent months, because of the effects of the coronavirus, also because patients have also postponed their planned appointments/treatments. This has created a large reservoir of healthcare demand. For non-acute treatments (which also includes fertility treatments) the reservoir is even larger than in other fields. As a result, the waiting time for an appointment and/or treatment is currently probably longer than you may be used to. We understand, and notice, that this can be frustrating. You can rest assured that you don't have to wait longer than necessary, but kindly ask for your understanding regarding the available capacity. In doing so, we do justice to the time you need, and the time that your practitioner must have available for this. This is the only way we can stay healthy together!


When using public transportation, or visiting a shop in Germany, wearing a facemask is mandatory and will be maintained. Within our centre we keep to the prescribed minimum distance of 1.5 meters. If this cannot be guaranteed (for example during an examination), the staff will wear a facemask for protection. You may also be provided with a facemask. Furthermore, we kindly ask you to enter our centre only if you are under treatment. Please do not bring children or other accompanying persons into our centre. If you yourself have signs or symptoms of a cold, sore throat, cough and/or fever, we moreover urgently ask you to not visit our centre. We do realize that in these uncertain times, choices will not always be pleasant for you or for us, but we put your and our health first. Moreover, we have to follow and abide current legislation and regulations in Germany.


For your information: We usually respond to your requests within 24 hours on workdays. Please check your spam folder regularly, if you did not receive a response to your message after 48 hours.


Following an amendment to the guidelines of the ´Ärztekammer Nordrhein´, the treatment of lesbian couples will be allowed, effective immediately. A warm welcome to you!


Effective immediately we have the possibility of planning intakes/consultations with Dr. Michael Scholtes, within and outside the regular office hours through video conferencing. Hence, you do not need to travel to our centre. Appointments will be planned through our back office after consulting with Dr. Scholtes. Dr. Scholtes is widely known, home and abroad, as an expert in the field of reproductive medicine, and we are very delighted to have the chance to continue the successful cooperation!


The ´deutsche Gewebegesetz´ stipulates that only laboratories with a certification according to §20b AMG are allowed to analyse serological parameters (e.g. hepatitis B, C and HIV) in the context of fertility treatment (incl. IUI) and cryopreservation of cells. The blood samples must be taken within three months prior to the first cell/tissue collection. With favourable results, the results are valid up to a maximum of 24 months, after which a new blood test is necessary (TPGGewV). Unfortunately, results from foreign (i.e. non-German) laboratories are not accepted according to German law, which means that in such cases a new blood test within Germany is required.

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